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Support And Services

Support And Services

Brand Power

Support And Services

Understand space life

With powerful production research and development capabilities, advanced patented technology and stylish personalized custom solutions, interpretation of the real shower fashion
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Joining Process

Joining Process
Joining Process

Join Request

Join Request
  • Qualification


    1. Identify company strategy and direction of development;
    2. Qualification of legal person and qualification of taxpayer, no more than two partners, and clearly defined priorities and clear division of labor;
    3. The brand operation experience of the building materials industry, and the operation ideas of high-end brands.
  • Shopfront


    1. Store area; over 60 square meters in the provincial capital, over 50 square meters in the prefecture-level city and over 40 square meters in the county-level city;
    2. Renovation standards: Strictly follow the company's unified plan and do not allow unauthorized changes;
    3. Sample standards: In strict accordance with the company's unified plan, no unauthorized changes are allowed.
  • Team


    1.1 exclusive product managers or professional managers;
    2. Store sales team: 2 or more stores (2 years of experience);
    3. After-sales service team: Independent professional after-sales service support team (more than 2 years of experience)



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